Spiritual Education

Awakening Ways Spiritual Institute is a dynamic and active part of the New Thought lineage of Dr. Ernest Holmes and based upon the principles of Religious Science. It is a satellite campus of the Emerson Theological Institute.

All BeliefsThe Emerson Theological Institute is a New Thought and Religious Science Theological Center accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Colleges and Seminaries. Classes taken at other New Thought Educational Centers, such as Centers for Spiritual Living, other Affiliated New Thought Network (ANTN)/ Emerson Institute affiliates and Unity School are accepted for credit at Emerson. In addition, classes completed at other private and secular schools and colleges are accepted.

The majority of our classes can be used toward any of these Emerson Institute programs:

  • Bachelor of Religious Studies
  • Emerson Institute logoMaster of Religious Studies
  • Doctor of Religious Studies
  • Doctor of Divinity Spiritual
  • Practitioner of Religious Science Credential
  • Minister of Religious Science Credential

To verify that a class can be used as credit towards an Emerson Institute program, please call the AWSC office at (805) 460 – 0762

Emerson Theological Institute Satellite Campus –  AW-Course-of-Study PDF

For current class offerings, visit our Events Calendar.