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Awakening Ways Spiritual Community believes strongly in the power of prayer. We do not believe in a judging, arbitrary deity, but in the indwelling Presence of an Infinite Divine Consciousness.

We are One with It, It is One with us. Prayer is for the purpose of changing our consciousness to accept all the Good that is ours by nature of that Oneness. Abundance, health, love and joy are all ours, not for the asking, but for the accepting.

Our ministers and practitioners are always available for prayer.  We are students of consciousness who have practiced for many years the science and philosophy of being and living in the One Mind. In unifying with It, we raise our consciousness into the Intuitive realm knowing the Truth for you until you can know it for yourself.

Talk to one of us after the service, and / or fill out a prayer request form and drop it in the Prayer Box for daily prayers all week.  You can also request individual short prayers on Sunday, and spiritual counseling with one of our ministers or practitioners to help you heal the beliefs behind your life’s limitations.