Gourmets for God – Gathering for Good





Welcome to Gourmets for God 2022!


This new fundraiser for the Awakening Ways Spiritual Community brings together members and friends of our community to meet, eat, have fun, and raise money.

We have gathered 15 hosts who are putting on wonderfully imaginable forms of culinary entertainment.  Now you have the opportunity to bid on seating at one or more of these fabulous events.

All the meals take place between June and December 2022.  During the five Sundays of our silent auction, you will be able to bid on as many meals as you like.  The auction items will be open for bidding on Sundays from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

The bidding works like this:

Let’s say a host offers a chicken barbecue for ten people with a starting bid of $25.  You bid by signing up on the bidding sheet.  After ten people have each bid $25, the eleventh person can still be on the guest list by placing a higher bid of $27 or more on the next line of the bid sheet.  This will bump the lowest bidder, the last one that that bid $25, off the guest list.

Keep checking the bidding sheet—if you were outbid and you want to ensure your seat at the barbecue, you counter with an even higher bid.  In the end, the highest ten bidders will have bought tickets to the meal.  All that’s left to do is show up at the appointed time and place for a great time and great food.  In the case of a tie, the first bid at that amount wins.  As you’ve probably figured out, it’s a smart strategy to put your bids in early for the events you want to attend!

The Fine print:

  1. Your bid is a contract. Please do not bid if you cannot attend.  (Check your calendar as the dates are fixed.)
  2. You must register to receive a bidding number. Bidding without a number will void your bid.  Volunteer(s) at the auction registration table will explain the payment processes (check or credit card) for participating in the auction.
  3. Each bidder must bid on a separate line – starting bids are PER PERSON. If you want to attend as a couple or family, please use a separate line for each person in your group and bracket all the names so we know to keep you together.  Some hosts may agree to take one additional person to avoid splitting up a couple or a group if over-bidding occurs.
  4. When you are raising a bid, please raise it by the suggested increment or more for that event. Most events will ask for a minimum increment bid of $2; “PREMIUM” events will ask for a $5 minimum increment bid, or more.
  5. If you find you have been outbid and you would like to keep bidding, please put your name and bid number on a new line with your new, higher bid. If you have signed up as a group and there is one over-bidder that knocks out the last one in your group, you need to raise the bid by the appropriate amount and re-enter the last name in your group that was outbid.  Do not erase or change your original bid (or bids).
  6. If you win an auction but then find you are unable to attend, you may gift or resell your spot to a friend or family member. No refunds will be given, all bids are final.
  7. All the winning bids will be charged after bidding closes: Sunday, May 15, 2022, at 12:00 PM.  You and your host(s) will be notified via email, so that your hosts can contact you with all the details and arrangements.
  8. All proceeds from the Gourmets for God auction benefit the Awakening Ways Spiritual Community.

That’s it!  Have fun!  Eat well!  Bid early and bid often!

Thank you!

Bidding Example

Italian Dinner Event:       6 guests
Opening bid price:            $25

  1. $25 Joey Fugheddaboudit
  2. $25 Mary Whoyakiddin
  3. $25 Carlo Gedouddahea
  4. $25 Sammy Capice
  5. $25 Emma Gonnasmackyou
  6. $25 Vinny Bagadonuts

Now the bidding must go higher in two-dollar increments or five-dollar increments for PREMIUM Events.

  1. $27 Lyca Meatball
  2. $27 Don J’outbidmi
  3. $60 Joey Fugheddaboudit:           WINNER #1!
  4. $29 Heywood Jafeedme
  5. $45 Sammy Capice:                       WINNER #4!
  6. $50 Mary Whoyakiddin:               WINNER #2!
  7. $31 Missy Saucywench
  8. $45 Emma Gonnasmackyou:       WINNER #5!
  9. $50 Carlo Gedouddahea:             WINNER #3!
  10. $40 Vinny Bagadonuts:                WINNER #6! (first one to bid $40)
  11. $40 Manny Cotti

Only the top six bidders of this event will win since there are only six guest spots available.



Saturday, June 4, 2022; 2-4:00 PM
Atascadero, CA  93422
HOST(S):  Laurie Napoli
Come make a beachcomber mobile of your own, made from driftwood collected from San Simeon beach, shells, and beads. Wood, shells, and beads along with guidance and tools will be provided to make an easy project. There will also be a choice of desserts and wine to choose from.
What you should know:  Adults only, please.

No. of guests:  10             Opening bid price:  $25

Sunday, June 5, 2022; 2-4:00 PM
Paso Robles, CA  93446
HOST(S):  Linda Boyce & Kristen Barnhart
Enjoy a lovely afternoon among friends in Linda’s living room with plenty of finger food and drinks. Relax and have our very own “Librarian” Kristen read to us several stories of her choosing. I am sure they will be inspiring and fun.
What you should know:  Adults only, please.  There’s a dog in the house. Cats are outside. (just in case you have allergies, good to know.)

No. of guests:  8                Opening bid price:  $15

Saturday, June 11, 2022; 12-2:00 PM
Paso Robles, CA  93446
HOST(S):  Julie & Jim Giardi
Join Jim and Julie at the beautiful Still Waters Vineyard for an outdoor wine tasting and picnic lunch! If you haven’t been to Still Waters Vineyards before, it’s a must! The property is gorgeous with its casual laid back vibe, lush gardens, 100-year-old olive trees, and views of the vineyard! You will taste some of Still Waters’ wonderful wines while enjoying a picnic lunch of sandwiches from their favorite local Red Scooter Deli accompanied by a deli salad, fruit, chips, and dessert! Who can pass up the opportunity for picnic time with friends and wine?
What you should know:  Adults only, please.

No. of guests:  4                Opening bid price:  $25

Saturday, June 18, 2022; 4-7:00 PM
Paso Robles, CA   93446
HOST(S):  Betty Scanlan
Calling all dads and those who love them!  This event is for dads, moms, grandpas, grandmas, uncles, aunts, and children too.  A homestyle BBQ of hamburgers, hotdogs, beans, and salads.  To top it off, an ice cream social for dessert!  Soft drinks, juice, and beer will be provided.  Betty has games, ping pong, and races planned to make it fun for everyone!
What you should know:  Betty has two small kid-friendly dogs (just in case you have allergies, good to know.)  This event is for adults and children (between the ages of 5 and12).

No. of guests:  6 adults and up to 12 kids             Opening bid price:  $15


Saturday, August 27, 2022; 7-10:00 PM
Paso Robles, CA 93446
HOST(S):  Gina & BJ DeGirolamo
Spend an evening under the stars celebrating all things Italian. Join hosts Gina & BJ DeGirolamo on their patio as they present an Italian dinner and an outdoor movie screening. Gina will prepare a Tuscan-style dinner including locally sourced pasta from Etto with sausage and peppers, green beans, salad, and Italian varietal wines from Giornata.  Italian sodas will also be available, and we will top it all off with Tiramisu for dessert. Movie: The Big Night starring Stanley Tucci.  Dogs live here, too. (in case you have dog allergies!)
What you should know:   Adults only, please.

No. of guests:  8                Opening bid price:  $25



SP17 “PICK n’ EAT!”
Saturday, September 17, 2022; 1-3:00 PM (approximately)
Templeton, CA   93465
HOST(S):  Ginny & Jim Murtaugh
Join Ginny & Jim in their home garden where they have 6 apple trees that usually produce lots of granny smith apples. Guests will be outdoors on a flat surface and may want to climb a short ladder although many apples can be reached from the ground. Please bring sturdy containers to gather your apples in to take home. The apples are great for baking recipes for pies, strudel, and applesauce. After picking for 30 – 60 minutes, you will be served homemade apple pie and vanilla ice cream.
What you should know:   Outdoor event, flat surface, no stairs.  Adults and children are welcome.

No. of guests:  12             Opening bid price:  $20


Saturday, October 1, 2022; 4-7:00 PM
Atascadero, CA   93422
HOST(S):  Rev. Elizabeth, Travis & Tom
Join us for a home-cooked healthy meal – we will surprise you!   We’ll eat, have a drum circle and cacao ceremony!  Bring your appetite and your drum, rattle, or shaker if you have one.  Dress in layers and be ready for a magical night.  This event will be held at Tom’s home in Atascadero.
What you should know:   Adults only, please. Tom has a beautiful and friendly Doberman Pinscher.

No. of guests:  8              Opening bid price:  $25

Sunday, October 09, 2022; 2:30-4:30 PM
Paso Robles, CA   93446
HOST(S):  Susan Jones & Chef Brian Stein
Learn How to Make Authentic New York Style Bagels!  Chef Brien Stein will present a Master Class revealing his secrets to making authentic New York-style bagels. Brian was the founder of Circle B Bagelry here on the Central Coast, was the owner of Stein’s Deli in Atascadero, and is the current owner of Stein’s BBQ and Catering, along with Susan’s sister, Nancy Stein.   This event takes place at their commercial kitchen in Paso Robles.   After the class participants will enjoy freshly baked bagels with creative and delicious “schmears” and take home ½ dozen bagels for later!
What you should know:  It’s a cooking class, so dress appropriately!  Adults only, please.

No. of guests:  8                Opening bid price:  $25