About Awakening Ways Spiritual Community

What We Believe

Awakening Ways Spiritual Community is a New Thought Spiritual Community in the lineage of Doctor Ernest Holmes.

Sunday Gatherings of Awakening

In-person gatherings at the Lake Pavilion have resumed.  Come on down and meet the new minister, Rev. Elizabeth Rowley Hogue, on Sundays at 10 AM.  Please note that the County of San Luis Obispo now requires everyone to mask indoors. If you forget to bring your mask, we have disposable masks available at the door. Thanks for your kindness.

You can also view our Sunday Services online at 10:00 AM at this link:

Sunday Gathering on Zoom.

If this will be your first time on Zoom or you have had problems with it, after you click on the link, you will be asked to “Download & Run Zoom”. It is safe and secure, download it. Allow a little time for the app to be installed. When it asks, select “Join Audio by computer,” fill in your name, then click “video on” and join the group.

Gatherings are also available on You Tube late on Monday.

Click here for Awakening Ways Spiritual Community YouTube page.


Sunday Gatherings of Awakening, Atascadero Lake Pavilion

Sundays at the Gathering of Awakening, Atascadero Lake Pavilion, are a joyous celebration of music, consciousness lifting teaching and loving community.

Our Mission Statement

Inspiring people to experience their Oneness with the Divine.  We offer a path and a teaching of Practical Spirituality that helps the seeker find his/her own sacred path.  We do this through Sunday Spiritual Awakenings, Classes in Practical Spirituality and Metaphysics, Workshops, Retreats, Social Gatherings, Meditations and Individual Counseling and Mentoring.

Our Vision Statement

We envision a world awakened to the Loving Heart, the Inspired Mind and the Sacred Soul present in every life.

Our Core Values

cloud angelLOVE — The nature of the Divine expressed as the unconditional acceptance of self and others: The Way of Love nurtures the giving and receiving of unconditional care and acceptance.

COMMUNITY — A gathering of diverse, loving people who support one another on their spiritual journeys: The Way of Community teaches and promotes trust and loving kindness in all our relationships.

AWAKENING — Shifts in consciousness that allow us to experience Oneness as Unity with the Divine and all Creation: The Way of Awakening opens us to spiritually evolve to become all that we were truly meant to be.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH — The continuing process of discovering and expressing the loving Presence of the Divine in every moment: The Way of Spiritual Growth promotes learning and using the spiritual tools that allow us to experience the Presence of the Divine in every circumstance, every relationship and in all life.

HEALING — Revealing and experiencing Divine Perfection: The Way of Healing leads to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tranquility, balance and attunement.

SERVICE — Expressing Divine Love through acts of generosity of time, talent and resources: The Way of Service offers opportunities for selfless acts of loving labor as a gift to Spirit.

Politics Free / Marketing & Promotion Free Zone

To honor and insure a comfortable environment of spiritual awakening for all members, Awakening Ways is a POLITICS FREE / MARKETING & PROMOTION FREE ZONE. Our community contains beautiful souls from every shade of the political spectrum. To allow everyone to feel emotionally safe during this time, we ask that everyone honor this policy at all gatherings of Awakening Ways. The desire is to move through this time together in peace and love. Business cards and business card sized notices may be placed in the Business Directory on the information table.

Our Spiritual Leader

Rev. Elizabeth Rowley Hogue is the Spiritual leader of Awakening Ways. Her message is loving, uplifting, and inspirational.